sabato 13 giugno 2009

EZV 2.0 kernel RC1


Il team EZ ha appena rilasciato la Release Candidate del Firmware 2.0 che uscirà prossimamente in versione Stabile. Ricordiamo che il Firmware funziona sia con EZVi, EZV Plus e con la più vecchia EZV. Di seguito le note di rilascio:
Touchscreen support is back- select your roms with the arrow buttons again, press the circle with arrows to select rom options (soft reset, cheats and so on).
To activate the English menu tap on the hammer and screwdriver icon and press where it says SChinese or Default until you get to English.
Soft reset is now off by default
Realtime save and Gameguide options returned to the menu, they are not available though.
You may still experience trouble with large homebrew (".nds file" greater than 2 megabytes) and there is no media playback (the EZ5shell directory is called as such so as to allow you to use moonshell instead


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