sabato 31 ottobre 2009

Powder V112

E' stato aggiornato l'homebrew-game Powder che giunge alla versione v112. Di seguito il changelog:
• Your tame creatures now have a heart badge beside them to identify them as such.
• Switching to a different tile res will no longer cause a crash. (Inu)
• Building the tile choice list now comes from the internal allbitmaps.h rather than being hardcoded, so Ibson the Grey's tiles will show up as expected. (Inu)
• Entering a level with active lava/water from a level which has no active lava/water, when the new level is already created and previously visited this game, will no longer stop the updating of said lava and water. (Nathan Bogue)
• Jumping in space prohibited if you lack spacewalk. (Nathan Bogue)
• Jumping when buried prohibited. (Nathan Bogue)
• Kobold thieves are pluralized properly. (Nathan Bogue)
• Living frosts are now bloodless. (Nathan Bogue)
• Digging upwards on special levels has more sensible results. (Nathan Bogue)
• Shattered trees will drop their occupants. (Nathan Bogue)
• Items that fall down holes will no longer be mapped. (patch by Richard Quirk)
• Left and Right on menus will scroll fast, just like L and R do, but this also applies to the command menu where L and R are the quick bind keys. (patch by Joe Buck)
• [SDL] Shift-arrow will swap with a critter, Alt-arrow will jump. (patch by Andreas Bohm)
• ctype.h is included in map2c.cpp now. (Ben Hjelt)
• New tileset from Chris Lomaka.
• One new room.
• Load game shows up first in the menu if it is available to make it harder to accidentally choose new game. (Enrique Garcia Cota)


M3i Arrivata in Staff

La M3i Zero è appena arrivata in staff grazie a KickGaming, vi forniamo una breve anteprima in attesa della Recensione/Videorecensione. Buona Visione


mercoledì 28 ottobre 2009

Videoreview Red DS


Il nostro newser AlexPWN ci delizia con la sua prima viderecensione oggi ha messo sul campo di prova l'homebrew game RED DS!
Per chi volesse provarlo lo puo' reperire qui:





Manic Miner the Lost Levels DS v1.0

Manic Miner the Lost Level ds

Il team Headsoft rilascia la prima versione stabile di Manic Miner the Lost Levels, un remake del vecchio gioco Manic Miner su ZX Spectrum

Guida all'installazione:

We recommend the EFS version for most people. For people exeriencing problems with the EFS verison should try the FAT version. This game requires a dldi patch compatible card to play.

* EFS Version - Just copy the included ManicMinerLL.nds file to your backup card and play.
* FAT Version - Copy the MMLL folder included in the archive to the root of your sd card. Copy the ManicMinerLL.nds to anywhere on your card.
* DSTT Cards - There may be some problems with this card. We are not 100% sure why but this card doesn't seem to like .nds binaries that are larger than 2.7 MB. We may release a new version in the near future with all music loading from EFS/FAT to make a smaller and DSTT compatible binary. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Download versione EFS (consigliata)
Download versione FAT
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Nano Lua v2.3

Nano Lua

Nano lua (il successore di micro lua) è un homebrew che permette di eseguire codice lua (sviluppato apposta) su nintendo ds

Nouveautés :
* Fonctions supplémentaires décrites dans la doc

Correction de bugs :
* Suppression de Font.print ()

Sito ufficiale

CarPlaying v2.2


BALROG aggiorna il suo homebrew-game CarPlaying, simpatico gioco scritto un lua (quindi utilizzabile con nano lua o lua player v3) in cui dovremo schivare le altre auto

Principales nouveautés pour l'utilisateur :
-Correction de divers bugs et imperfections.
-Ajout d'une musique.
-Ajout d'un menu, apparaissant au lancement du jeu, qui permet de changer certains paramètres.
-Désormais, les ennemis se déplacent toujours à la vitesse 1 lors de leur premier trajet.

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martedì 27 ottobre 2009

Itouch DS Firmware 3.4Beta

Itouch DS

Nuova versione del firmware dell'itouch ds

1.Solve the problem of adding the soft-rest function for Game 4237,4238,4267,4274,4301,4303
2.Solve the problem of adding the RTS function for Game 4248,4249,4258,4263,4269,4270,4309
3.Fix the compatibility of game 4248,4249,4258,4261,4263,4269,4270,4271,4273,4292,4301
4.Fix the compatibility of DSi game 3922,3929,3938,3939,3949,3952,3970,3980,4187,4244,4256
(game tested up to 4318)
*DSi games support Soft-rest function only and the RTS fuction can't work right now.

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Nes DS 23-09-10

nibbles27 rilascia una nuova versione del Nes DS, uno dei migliori emulatori del nes per ds.
Here is the file with the latest pocketnes mappers added in and the 6502 core of the latest version of pocketnes im not sure what might be fixed but is definately worth a try.
Also seeing as to how the Vertical scalling sucks i tweaked it a bit to work in no blend mode to stop the flicker a bit more. It darkens screen and cuts the flickering lines in half.

Questa release fixa i problemi con giochi come Dragon Warrior e Final Fantasy
Ci sono due versioni, perciò provatele entrambe e vedete quale funziona meglio!

Inoltre lo stesso autore rilascia una patch per i giochi che fixa i proplemi di font troppo grande

Download Nes Map
Download Nes VScale
Download Patch
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lunedì 26 ottobre 2009

Hexxagon DS (Wip 1)

Hexxagon DS

RyouArashi rilascia una nuova versione di Hexxagon DS, porting di un vecchio gioco da tavolo

- some new ingame graphics/animations
- started working on Menu system
- Multi-language support (currently English and German)

Sito ufficiale

Stone Age DS 25/10/09

Stone Age DS

maRk2512 rilascia una nuova versione di Stone Age DS, un porting per ds di un gioco per l'amiga

ROM is compiled with the latest version of PAlib (090801, libnds 1.3.7). Hope this fix problems with some flashcards.
Bugfix for map 61 (Thanx to 'astroraptor' - i think you really love this game... )
Improved endsequence - enjoy!

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domenica 25 ottobre 2009

Liero DS 23-10-2009


Schmendrick rilascia una nuova versione del suo porting per ds di liero, liero ds

- Added dirt/rock texture
- Added map display
- Added ninjarope rope
- Banned some weapons by default (see Known Bugs)
- No more interlaced level drawing!
- You can now save and share your levels!
- Levels are saved in '/data/lierods/lierolevels/', unless you
made a folder called 'lierolevels' somewhere else, then they're
saved there
- Level editor doesn't crash anymore
- Fire to respawn changed to Jump to respawn
- Options are now saved; can be reset in Options menu
- File is 'liero.options' in root of flashcard

- Fixed ninja rope bug; now works long-range too
- Worm can no longer be hit while he is dead
- Fixed Map Change on Hit location bug

Current Features:
- Gameplay almost identical to the original
- All of the original weapons (see Known Bugs)
- Built-in level editor
- Simple AI opponents
- All original game modes (Kill 'em All, Game of Tag, CTF and Simple CTF)
- Map display

To-Do (in semi-particular order):
- Multiplayer support
- Allow custom weapon/object/special object-options, as well as custom graphics
- Add 'Floating Mine'-like glowing (red glowing pixels)
- Add level textures other than rock and dirt
- Names on bonuses
- Make AI 'smarter'
- Maybe different AI levels (Easy, Normal, Hard?)
- Sound
- Blood
- Laser view
- Flash effect and camera shake
- Fix ninjarope (enable length adjustment, disable Skywalker worms)
- Stats screen? (Display kills/lives/time/flags per worm)

Known Bugs:
- Greenball is dirt texture instead of green
- Big Nuke uses up all sprites, and quite possibly corrupts your game
- Bullet type weapons and 'bullet' splinters have an incorrect color
- Weapons that don't work correctly:
- Laser and controllable weapon types
- Fan

- Programmer: Schmendrick Schmuck
- Original Game & Graphics: Joosa Riekkinen:
- Special Thanks: PAlib community:

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libProgressBar v1.1


aurel2108 rilascia una nuova versione delle sue libProgressBar, delle librerie che permettono di implementare delle barre di progressione negli homebrew scritti in lua

- Possibilité de choisir le sens de la barre ^^

Download documentazione: Doc, Odt, Pdf
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CarPlaying v1.8


BALROG rilascia CarPlaying, un gioco in cui dovremo schivare le altre auto.
-Les sons sont désormais joués correctement.
-Les ennemis apparaissent désormais dans un ordre aléatoire. (avant, c'était toujours Haut-Gauche-Droite-Bas)

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Zognc v0.16


zogna rilascia una nuova versione di Zognc, un utile calcolatrice scentifica per il ds.

ADD curve,conic

Sito ufficiale

TonesynthDS v0.22

Hotelsinus rilascia una nuova versione di TonesynthDS, un compositore per nds
+ Two new mixing type 'ring' and 'cross'. You can change between mixing types with the 'osc mod' panel. The first new does a ring modulation between the two occiloscope and the with 'osc 2 pitch ofs' slider you can alter the frequency of the second osciloscope based on the frequency of the first osciloscope. (Center means both are same). With 'cross' mixing you can cross fade between the two osciloscope. The 'osc balance' slider determines the fade factor (left = just osc1, right = just osc2). You can set the frequency of the second osciloscope with the 'osc 2 pitch ofs' slider similar like in the 'ring' mixing mode.
+ Second osciloscope has a new wave form. (organ)
! Tempo now is in bpm.
+ New continius test button ('tone'). With this you can hear the test sample continiusly and can set every parameters in real time except the adshr. (That works only with the impulse test button 'test')
! Sound stock generation is paused while the system generates the test sound. (after you change a parameter, or while the continius test sound is on)

Bug conosciuti:
! When you start the program it will generate the initial sound samples for a few secounds. During this you can use everything, but if you play a tone under this, the sound will be distorted because the samples are not ready.
! During the sound sample generation the respone time is bit slower.
! The filter section is completly useless as that is not ready.
! ADSHR graph jitters if you try to incerase the size of the curve over 2sec.
! Graphics flickering everywhere
! 'sequenc' and 'volume' texts have different luminance.
! If you play a test sound continiusly there is a possibility that the ds will not be able to calculate fast enought the sample and beacuse of that the sound will be distorted. With the actual buffer setting and math It should be ok, but I have to test it heavyly.
! Sometimes notes appear in random places if you touch the grid. ( in emu it is perferct :( )
! Some users say: It wont work on M3real with latest firmware. (try "noicon" version please)

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sabato 24 ottobre 2009

Woopsi v0.39


ant512 rilascia una nuova versione di Woopsi, una sorta di libreria scritta in palib che serve a facilitare lo sviluppo di os multi-tasking

- Fixes:
- Removed framebuffer-hitting code from DimmedScreen gadget and replaced with call to GraphicsPort::dim().
- ListBox removes itself from its ListData object when deleted.
- Keyboard example shows cursor.
- Moved DimmedScreen into woopsi folder as an official gadget.
- CycleButton::getPreferredDimensions() populates rect with correct values.
- Const fixed Gadget::getRefcon().
- Gadget::disable() and Gadget::enable() redraw the gadget by default.
- Fixed clipRectToHierarchy() bug introduced in switch to non-recursive function in last release.
- RadioButtonGroup redraws when resized.
- RadioButtonGroup returns correct dimensions from getPreferredDimensions().
- Updated copyright notice in defines.h.
- Bitmap::getPixel() works correctly for large bitmaps.
- Bitmap::drawBitmap() flushes mem correctly for DMA copy.
- Gadget::show() clears rect cache of sibling gadgets with a lower z-index to ensure that they do not draw over the top of the newly-shown gadget.
- A disabled gadget that overlaps another now intercepts clicks correctly, no longer allowing them to fall through to the gadget below.

- New Features:
- TextBox and MultiLineTextBox cursor moves when d-pad left/right are pressed and gadget has focus.
- Added tests folder:
- CycleButton test;
- RadioButtonGroup test.
- Added BinaryFile class to bonus folder.
- Added BitmapIO class to bonus folder - load/save BMP files using libfat.
- Added BitmapLoader example.
- Added SuperBitmap::drawBitmap() overload to handle Bitmap objects.

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Sonic AS v1.1

Sonic AS

Ruben rilascia una nuova versione di sonic AS, un applicazione che vi consentirà di ascoltare svariati tipi di file midi sul vostro ds

-DS runs with variable channel count (to allow stuff like libnds sound)
-GBA mixer code has been heavily optimized
-Music code has been revised
-Fixed pitch bend stuff
-Added SFX code

Download DS
Download GBA
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iEDGE Annunciata!

Immagine 1

Il Team EDGE ha annunciato sul proprio sito che prossimamente verra lanciata sul mercato una nuova card compatibile con il DSi, la iEDGE. Da notare il fatto che la edge ha un bootloader riscrivibile (in modo da aggirare le prossime protezioni per dsi) e vi arriverà a casa senza firmware! questo la rende completamente legale da vendere, infatti non mi stupirei di trovarla in alcune delle più blasonate catene di elettronica, come mediaworld e game stop. Inoltre è anche stato aggiornato il sito! Ecco le caratteristiche della card

  • Latest DSi firmware supported: v1.4

  • Supports DSi/DSL/DS

  • iEDGE comes blank without any copyrighted software, making it 100% LEGAL

  • Fully upgrade-able bootstrap to combat future DSi firmware updates

  • Supports DSi firmware v1.4+

  • Plays commercial NDS ROM

  • Plays homebrew NDS ROMS

  • Frequently updated OS for best compatibility

  • In game reset

  • Full download play support

  • Automatic ROM protection patcher

  • SlowMotion mode

  • Save game saves directly to Micro SD

  • Automatic save game type detection

  • Supports clean ROMs

  • Supports MicroSDHC cards up to 32GB

  • Multimedia playback such as movies and MP3's

  • Action Replay compatible cheat system

  • Multi language user interface

  • Micro SDHC card reader included

Di seguito il comunicato  del team EDGE:
24 / 10 / 2009
Welcome to the new look EDGE website. With the imminent release of our new product, iEDGE, we decided to bring a fresh dynamic look to the EDGE portal. The new site offers greater ease of navigation and more information and details relating to the EDGE series of products.

iEDGE is the DSi compatible variant of EDGE. The product offers greater upgradeability features demanded by the challenges posed by DSi firmwares. iEDGE is sure to deliver compatibility with the latest commercial ROMs and greater flexibility.

E per finire il Team ha create l'updater del Bootloader per Windows, Linux e Mac OS X, davvero una bella notizia! Nell'attesa potete leggere il manuale ufficiale!


libProgressBar v1.0b


aurel2108 rilascia la libProgressBar, una libreria che permette agli sviluppatori di inserire le barre di progresso nei loro progetti lua

Prévu pour la 1.0b :

- commentaires sur la lib ^^

Download documentazione: Doc, Odt, Pdf
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venerdì 23 ottobre 2009

R4i SDHC Kernel v1.12b

Attenzione Nuova Versione Del Kernel QUI


Nuova versione del firmware per la r4i sdhc (Che ricordiamo essere un semplice clone della r4 con supporto al dsi e alle sdhc)
In questa release viene aumentata la compatibilità e vengono risolti alcuni problemi con dei giochi.

R4i V1.12b kernel :
1. 100% supports all games
2. Address the following issue of the game
4139 - Monokane
4225 - Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days (US)
4249 - Inazuma Eleven 2 Kyoui no Shinryakusha Fire (J)
4250 - Inazuma Eleven 2 Kyoui no Shinryakusha Blizzard (J)
4258 - Blue Dragon: Ikai No Kyojyuu
4262 - Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days (E)
4263 - Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey (J)
4268 - Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story (E)
4269 - Iron Master (J)
4270 - Tago Akira no Atama no Taisou Dai 3 Shuu Fushigi no Kuni no Nazotoki Otogibanashi (J)
4271 - Tago Akira no Atama no Taisou Dai 4 Shuu Time Machine no Nazotoki Daibouken (J)
4273 - Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games (U)
4292 - Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games (E)
4301 - Kimi ni Todoke Sodateru Omoi (J)
4327 - Element Hunters (J)

3,To solve the game 2906,3828,4171,4142,4192,4207,3922,3929,3938, 3939,3949,3952,3970,3980,4040,4178 problem.

Download (versione italiana)
Downlaod (versione inglese)
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TheSMSCenter v2.0


Mik rilascia una nuova versione di TheSMSCenter, utilissima applicazione (italiana) che vi permetterà di inviare sms direttamente dal vostro ds (e in modo totalmente gratuito)

* Fixed some bugs (now sending message should be smoother)
* Fixed Up/Down bug in TheWall function on DS (in 1.0 the previous version the two keys were inverted)
* Recoded ConnectWifi function now more and more stable than before: even if you lost wifi connection, the DS will reconnect automatically when you will retun under the coverage of your Network
* Added Phonebook1.0 to store up to 10 contact (maybe more). For each contact you can specify Name, Surname, Number.
* New keyboard
* New menu organization (touch the thin gray line on the right of the touchscreen to make it pop up)
* Now the sender of the SMS is set as your number (the one you setted up during registration) (by now it works only for SMPP server only)
* Added smiles on TheWall (check the table on the left side of TheWall page to know the correspondence string->smile)
* Updated Terms&Conditions:point 3 added: "All the datas concerning messages sent by users will be stored into logfiles to ensure the security of all the community. Once again these files will not be released for any reason but they are available by the competent authority" - [].
Remember that if you don't want to accept the new point added in this update, you can ask for account deletion sending me an email through the form available on the official website.

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Mario Sokoban

Mario Sokoban

Benjani13 rilascia Mario Sokoban, un gioco a tema mario programmato in lua (perciò vi servirà nano lua o micro lua V3 per giocarci)

Le parole dell'autore:
Cest vraiment la toute premiere version, il n'y a que le jeux et quelques niveaux, je rajouterais des niveaux, un ou des menus, un petit message de type bravo a la fin et pourquoi pas d'autres personnages que Mario(merci a blabla pour l'idée et les sprites Sonic)

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TonesynthDS v0.21

Hotelsinus rilascia una versione aplha del suo compositore per nintendo ds, TonesynthDS
Parole dell'autore, changelog & previsioni future:

TonesynthDS v0.21 first test release
You can put the rom everywhere you want.
Didn't need specific folder, or dldi patch.
This is just a public test release:
- Cross mod section in use AMP modulation.
you can turn off by swap osc2 to off.
if you disable osc2 only osc1 are used, AMP off later (other sections too)
.next release
- OSC lenght is about 2 sec maximum
try to play with ADSRH section and hit TEST button to hear the preset sound.
if you deal with the sound then hit USE to generate the whole 16note. When you hit it see a littel progress bar on the taskbar while its end then ready to use.
This action is take some time coz the Tonesynth is use 16part DS10 only use 2 on DS!
- Filter section is disabled in this version
.maybe in the next release
- No disk options
- No song mode at the moment (coz you can't save :D)
- VST version and export imort
.when the DS version is done

Sito ufficiale

Pokemon Mini-Game v2.65

Pokemon Mini-Game

nuova versione di pokemon Mini-Game, una raccolta di 15 minigiochi a tema pokemon

Changelog & minigiochi:
1.0 > 2.65

- Meilleur menu
- Meilleur graphisme
- Moins de bug
- Du Son!
- Cinq nouveaux mini-jeux
- Secrets dévoilé...

- Pika Quiz : répondez aux 5 questions!
- Pika Dash: Dépassez votre adversaire!
- Pikboutton:Appuyez 10 fois pour gagner!
- Pikachu contre Mew:Combattez Mew (merci Quent pour la lib rpg!)
- SpaceShipDash:Ne pas sortir de l'écran!
- Shoot Bomber:Détruire les bombes!
- Get Pokeball:Ramassez les 8 poke-ball en 10 s!
- Porte à Porte: Traverser les bonnes portes pour gagner!
- Cyberdemon?: Battre le monstre
- Mario Bros Dash: Dépassez Mario Wink
- Rainbow Road Dash:Dépasser votre adversaire!
- Multiplication de Pikachu:Donnez la bonne réponse aux multiplication
- Tuyau du Hazard : Choisissez un tuyau et priez pour tomber sur l'emeraude!
- Pika Dance : Danser dans la même direction que la flèche
- Key Party : Prendre la clé et aller au coffre sans être touché.

Vi ricordo che vi serve il nano lua o il lua player V3 per usare questo gioco

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S8DS V0.3


Nuova versione di S8DS, emulatore by flubba delle console sega a 8 bit (Master-System, GameGear, SG-1000, Othello Multivision)

* Fixed Bios handling a bit (GG games works again).

Sito ufficiale

giovedì 22 ottobre 2009

EZFlash V/Vi Kernel 2.0 RC7

EZFlash Kernel V/Vi
Il Team EZ ha rilasciato un nuovo kernel per le flashcard EZ V ed EZ Vi. Sono state apportate molte novità: i giochi con antipiracy patch ora funzionano, sono ora supportati i giochi ibridi dsi (twlsdk games), gli homebrew sembrano funzionare meglio e sono state aggiunte molte lingue e una nuova skin. Di seguito il changelog:

Antipiracy patch
4168 - Pokemon: Heart Gold - 口袋妖怪:金 - JPN
4169 - Pokemon: Soul Silver - 口袋妖怪:银 - JPN
4171 - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - 马里奥与路易RPG3 - USA
4186 - SaGa 2 Hihou Densetsu: Goddess of Destiny - 沙迦2 - JPN
4192 - Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo: Akuma no Satsujin Koukai - 金田一 - JPN
4207 - Ookami to Koushinryou: Omiowataru Kaze - 狼与香辛料:渡海之风 - JPN
4187 - The Idolmaster: Dearly Stars - 偶像大师:深情之星 - JPN
4225 - Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days - 王国之心:358/2天 - USA
4258 - Blue Dragon: Ikai no Kyoujuu - 蓝龙:异界巨兽 - JPN
4261 - Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days - 王国之心:358/2天 - EUR
4263 - Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey - 真·女神转生:奇妙之旅 - JPN
4267 - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - 马里奥与路易RPG3 - EUR
4269 - Tago Akira no Atama no Taisou Dai-3-Shuu - 多湖辉的头脑体操第3集 - JPN
4270 - Tago Akira no Atama no Taisou Dai-4-Shuu - 多湖辉的头脑体操第4集 - JPN
4271 - Iron Master: The Legendary Blacksmith - 钢铁大师 - JPN
4273 - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games - 马索在冬奥会 - USA
4247 - Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryokusha - Fire - 闪电十一人2 热焰 - JPN
4248 - Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryokusha - Blizzard - 闪电十一人2 暴雪 - JPN
4291 - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games - 马索在冬奥会 - EUR
4327 - Element Hunter - 元素猎人 - JPN

Save game support:
3499 - Rittai Picross - 立体方块 - JPN 1M Saver support

DSi Hybrid game support
3922 - Mon Coach Personnel : Mes Recettes Plaisir et Ligne *DSi Rom* (Fra)
3929 - Classic Word Games *DSi Rom* - 经典填词游戏 - USA
3938 - Classic Word Games *DSi Rom* - 经典填词游戏 - EUR
3939 - My Cooking Coach: Prepare Healthy Recipes *DSi Rom* - 我的烹饪教练 - EUR
3949 - My Healthy Cooking Coach *DSi Rom* - 我的健康烹饪教练 - USA
3952 - Mein Koch-Coach: Gesund und Lecker Essen *DSi Rom* - 我的烹饪教练 - GER
3970 - Bravissi-Mots *DSi Rom* - 经典填词游戏 - FRA
3980 - Il Mio Coach di Cucina: Prepara Cibi Sani e Gustosi *DSi Rom*
4040 - Mi Experto en Cocina: Comida Saludable *DSi Rom* - 我的烹饪教练 - SPA
4187 - The Idolmaster: Dearly Stars - 偶像大师:深情之星 - JPN

1.3499 - Rittai Picross - 立体方块 - JPN 1M Saver support
2.Fixed game delay and freeze
3.Fixed Fatal error:FAT2
4.Fixed.dat file saving location
5.Fixed some homebrew compatible
6.Change the default to kde4,Add mutiple language file (thanks the submit of the language* file)
7.Add DownloadPlay toggle in the Rom Setting. Default OFF, unless you need download play ( StarWars Clone wars JA need On to play, so far as we know)

*Languages now featured
Swedish, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Portuguese (Portugal), Korean, Italian, French, English and Dutch.


martedì 20 ottobre 2009

M3DS Real/G6/M3i Zero Firmware v4.5 X Final


Nuova versione per il firmware del trio M3DS, che giunge alla versione 4.5 X final

Change Log of 19-10-2009 4.5 x
1.Add Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese Language GUI setting.
2.Solve the problem of adding the soft-rest function for Game 4237,4238,4267,4274,4301,4303
3.Solve the problem of adding the RTS function for Game 4248,4249,4258,4263,4269,4270,4309
4.Fix the compatibility of game 4248,4249,4258,4261,4263,4269,4270,4271,4273,4292,4301
5.Fix the compatibility of DSi game 3922,3929,3938,3939,3949,3952,3970,3980,4187,4244,4256
(game tested up to 4318)
*DSi games support Soft-rest function only and the RTS fuction can't work right now.

Sito ufficiale

S8DS v0.2


FluBBa rilascia una nuova versione di S8DS, un emulatore dei giochi sega 8-bit (Master-System, GameGear, SG-1000, Othello Multivision)

*After loading game GUI is automatically closed.
*Added internal Bios (for Ace of Aces & Shadow Dancer).

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Hexxagon DS (Preview Release)


RyouArashi ha rilasciato una Anteprima del suo Homebrew in lavorazione Hexxagon DS, esso è un remake del gioco Exxagon una variante di Othello.



Zenit 0.1

zenitIl coder best_guitar ha rilasciato la prima versione del suo shoot'em up per Nintendo DS chiamato Zenit. Di seguito le parole dell'autore:
It's my first game, it's a vertical shoot'em up, the controls are D-Pad to direction and X to shooting. I hope the game will funny for you!



lunedì 19 ottobre 2009



kvance rilascia una nuova versione di DSMZX, porting del MegaZeux per DS

adds fixes for EZFlash hardware

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Lack Of A Disco (DEMO)

Flure ha rilasciato una dema per il suo Homebrew Game 3D in lavorazione Lack of a Disco. Commentate e fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

domenica 18 ottobre 2009



kvance rilascia una nuova versione di DSMZX, un porting del motore di gioco MegaZeux
Le parole dell'autore:
This is a port of MegaZeux to the Nintendo DS. Extract it to the root of your flash card so the files are in /games/megazeux. Apply the appropriate DLDI patch.

Because of the small amount of main memory on the DS, a SLOT-2 device with extra memory (e.g. SuperCard) is recommended. Without it, large game worlds will run out of memory.

Once the game loads, the top screen shows a zoomed-in portion of the screen, and the bottom screen shows the entire screen scaled to fit. The stylus can be used to perform mouse clicks and pan around the top screen. Use the right trigger to toggle a software keyboard.

DSMZX currently builds against devkitARM-r26, libnds-1.3.8, and libfat-1.0.4. The libnds keyboard graphic has been replaced with this fixed version with better transparency.

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PingPong v1.95


Nuova versione per PingPong, clone di Pong in lua by BALROG
Per giocarci avrete bisogno del Nano lua

Version 1.95 :
Correction du problème avec le son.

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Plain Pong

Plain Pong

zhedelta rilascia la prima versione di Plain Pong, clone del famosissimo gioco Pong

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Zognc v0.15


zogna rilascia una nuova versione di Zognc, un utile calcolatrice scentifica per il ds.

In questa versione dovrebbero essere stati corretti alcuni bug che affliggevano la versione 0.14

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sabato 17 ottobre 2009

UsrCheatUp v2.8


Giovannin rilascia una nuova versione di UsrCheatUp, ottimo homebrew che ci consente di aggiornare i cheat direttamente da ds
# Aggiunta visualizzazione di mini-changelog per le prossime versioni
# Corretto un bug con la Supercard DSOne i che non permetteva il download dei cheat

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Il download è anche disponibile avviando la versione 2.7 e premendo X

Without Escape vb1f2

Without Escape

PacoChan rilascia una nuova beta di Without Escape, un gioco in cui il nostro scopo sarà di scappare dalla stanza.
Vi consiglio di guardarvi qualche screen, perchè dalla grafica il gioco promette veramente bene!

Sito ufficiale (e screen)



Kayvon rilascia Red, un clone dell'ononimo gioco flash

Le parole dell'autore:
RED - by B. Perry
Based on "Red" by Case Hollingsworth

Shoot with the stylus.
Hold any button while shooting for a super shot.
Press [SELECT] to change the soundtrack.
Press [START] to pause.

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Pokemon Mini-Game V1.1

Pokemon Mini-Game

Blabla rilascia un nuovo update per Pokemon Mini-Game, una raccolta di 11 mini-giochi basati sui pokemon
Per usare questo gioco avete bisogno di micro lua o di nano lua.
In questa versione aggiunge un nuovo mini-gioco e corregge dei bug:
Je sors la version 1.1 de mon projet!
Cette version rajoute un mini-jeu de plus,Porte à Porte.
Le but est de traverser les bonnes portes jusqu'à arriver à la dernière porte!
J'ai changé également Mew et Pikachu dans le 4ème Mini-jeu(Pikachu contre Mew).

Download per Micro lua V3 e nano lua
Download per micro lua V2
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venerdì 16 ottobre 2009

M3Sakura 1.42

M3 Sakura

Nuova versione per l'ottimo firmware alternativo per m3 Sakura, che giunge alla versione 1.42

File Info:
1. Add Real Time View Guide function.
Place your .txt file in the same directry with the .nds file, with the same name
Supports local and Unicode encoding
Local encoding corresponds to interface language:
Simplified Chinese = GBK encoded
Traditional Chinese = Big5 HKSCS encoded
Korean = KSC + UHC encoded
Thai = Thai encoding
* Browse the text line by line from top to bottom direction,
LR button tabbed browsing,
SELECT button to the page at the end,
START button to the top,
B button to return to the real-time multi-menu;
2. Uses M3DS Real v4.5beta X game engine, game compatibility and support the same as M3DS Real v4.5beta.

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ContactsDS v0.02

Hero2 rilascia una nuova versione di ContactsDS, on organizer per ds

Minor Bug Fixes


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giovedì 15 ottobre 2009

Dice Roller DS v1.0

Dice Roller DS

Wisen Rilascia Dice Roller DS, un utile homebrew che ci permettera di lanciare i dadi (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100) direttamente nel ds.
Utilissimo per i fanatici di Dungeons & Dragons, come il sottoscritto :P

Le parole dell'autore:

Y fait quoi ?
- sept types de dés : D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100
- possibilité de lancer de 1 à 99 dés
- ajout de bonus (1 à 99)
- détails de chaque lancé

Comment ça marche ?
- L / R : déplacement du curseur principal
- Croix directionnelle : déplacement des curseurs secondaires
- A : choix d'un chiffre ou d'un dé
- B : lancer !
- Le bouton 10+ vous permet d'entrer des nombres au-dessus de 9. Une croix, rouge pour le Nombre, bleue pour le Bonus, apparaît lorsque ce mode 10+ est activé.

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Pokemon Mini-Game

Pokemon Mini-Game

blabla rilascia Pokemon Mini-Game, una raccolta di 10 mini-giochi a tema pokèmon.
Questo homebrew è codificato in lua, quindi per farlo funzionare vi servirà nano lua o micro lua

Le parole dell'autore:
Le jeu contient 10 mini-jeux dont 3 secrets à découvrir(S.V.P,Lancez directement shell.lua!)
Vous commencerez donc avec 7 mini-jeux.

Voici la liste des 7 mini-jeux:

Pika Quiz : répondez aux 5 questions!
Pika Dash: Dépassez votre adversaire!
Pikboutton:Appuyez 10 fois pour gagner!
Pikachu contre Mew:Combattez Mew (merci Quent pour la lib rpg!)
SpaceShipDash:Ne pas sortir de l'écran!
Shoot Bomber:Détruire les bombes!
Get Pokeball:Ramassez les 8 poke-ball en 10 s!

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mercoledì 14 ottobre 2009

Recensione iTouch DS/M3i Zero


Cari Lettori,
sono giunte in redazione grazie a KickGaming e a SpazioDS due nuove flashcard: la neonata M3i Zero per Nintendo DSi e la iTouch DS per Nintendo DS. Il nostro Admin Kabir94 entro poco tempo vi sfornerà una recensione scritta della iTouch mettendo in luce tutte le sue funzioni e i suoi difetti mentre io andrò a Recensire la M3i Zero con una Recensione ed una Prova Orale! Buon Proseguimento su questi lidi!

Jackinstoon e Kabir94

UsrCheatUp v2.7


Giovannin rilascia una nuova versione di UsrCheatUp, comodissimo homebrew che vi permetterà di aggiornare i cheat direttamente seduti sul cess... emh, direttamente dalla vostra flashcard

# Fixed issue with DSOne and M3i previously not auto-dected
# Added program update system: press X to check if an UsrCheatUp update is available, then press start to update or B to go back

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martedì 13 ottobre 2009

S8DS v0.1


Flubba rilascia S8DS (Sega 8-Bit DS), ovvero un porting di SMSadvance (emulatore Master system/GameGear) su ds

Le parole dell'autore:
More or less a port of SMSAdvance to the NDS now under the name of S8DS, as it's a SEGA 8-bit emulator for the DS.
The biggest difference from the GBA is probably that you don't have to use a builder to add roms, you can use zipped files directly and the screen doesn't have to be scaled to fit.

*Pretty much everything works perfectly.
*Supports zipped files.
*No scaling needed for most games.
*Can scale to correct aspect for PAL, NTSC & GameGear.

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lunedì 12 ottobre 2009

X-Soft Plus 1.0

X-Soft Plus

Master sonic rilascia questa applicazione che permette di modificare alcuni parametri a X-Soft

LIsta delle feature:
Il s'agit de la bénédiction de Xsoft est un plugin qui déclenche de nouvelles fonctionnalités à la:

* Permet de changer le pseudo dans Xsoft (sans modification des DS).
* J'ai ajouté une icône sur le dossier de bureau vous lancer Xsoft Plus (le boot va vers / NDS / xsoftplus.nds, s'il n'y a pas de homebrew pas à charger).
Options * pour débloquer Xsoft mots de passe, une option vous permet de définir un mot de passe, l'un, de changer le nombre de buts propres du point de penalty à la 999 et la dernière, qui vous permet de régler le rythme de notation 999.

Sito ufficiale

X-Soft v10.0


master sonic rilascia una nuova versione di X-Soft, che raggiunge la versione 10
Questo homebrew è un semplice clone di windows che inlude svariati tool, come un paint, la calcolatrice, il block notes e molto altro
# Mejoras en toda la base del homebrew.
# Mejoras en algunos iconos.
# Cronometro mas funcional, ahora puedes iniciarlo, pausarlo y "despausarlo" (al pulsar el Play se resetea también).
# Barra de la intro tiene un desplazamiento mas fluido.
# Guardar un sonido que fue grabado en la grabadora y cargarlo cuando quieras (se reproduce de la misma manera).
# Mejoras en el sistema del drawing, ahora dispone entre otras cosas de mas colores.
# Ahora la alarma no suena con un sonido normal, si no lanza un sonido molesto y repetido durante 10 segundos, lo cual hara que te avise mejor.
# Ahora al guardar un texto también guardas la posicion de la ultima letra, por lo cual al cargarlo, seguiras escribiendo por donde te quedaste.
# Mejoras en penalti en propia y en el que hay que seguir el ritmo, incluyen ahora la posibilidad de guardar los maximos puntos que conseguiste y al cerrar sesion o al reiniciar guardarlos, cada vez que superes el max score, el max score sera los puntos que tu sacastes.
# Compatible con Xsoft Plus.

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CarPlaying v1.5

BALROG rilascia CarPlaying, un gioco in cui dovremo schivare le altre auto.

Principales nouveautés pour l'utilisateur :
-Légère diminution de la vitesse maximale des ennemis.
-Ajout d'un son et d'un background (ce dernier étant très basique : la VRAM est saturée si je rajoute une image).
-Petite modification de l'apparence des ennemis.
-Amélioration des collisions, qui souffraient de quelques imperfections dans la précédente version.
-Diminution de la taille du masque de collision du véhicule : ainsi, on peut désormais frôler les ennemis.

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Ghuntlet 0.10


Ghuntar rilascia una nuova versione di Ghuntlet, un homebrew programmato in lua (per farlo funzionare su ds serve micro lua o nano lua)

- Ajout des "portal" qui sont des générateurs de monstres (comme dans Gauntlet)
- Ajout des portes et de clefs (les premières s'ouvrant si vous avez les deuxièmes Wink )
- La fonction skirt qui permet de ne pas rester coincé contre les murs.
- un peu d'optimisation

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Hero2 ha rilasciato la prima versione di ContactDS un'organizer di contatti per Nintendo DS! Vi lascio alle parole dell'autore:
ContactsDS is a contacts organizer for the NDS. It is a WIP, has the simplest of features at the moment, and is insufficient. Nevertheless, I will be updating the app very often, so check for updates in this thread.

Copy "ContactsDS.nds" and "contacts.list" to the root of your card and run normally. (NOTE: some cards require that you DLDI patch ContactsDS first)

Scrolling the cursor:
Use the D-Pad Up button to scroll up and D-Pad Down button to scroll down

Adding a contact:
To add a contact to the list, just press the R trigger. ContactsDS for ask for the contact's name. Use the On-Screen-Keyboard (OSK) to type in the name and tap "Rtrn" to continue. ContactsDS will now ask for the contact's home phone number. To skip this, enter "0" and tap "Rtrn", this will be fixed in the next release. ContactsDS will now ask for the contact's cell phone number. You can skip this in the same way as the home phone number by entering "0" and tapping "Rtrn". The contact will now be added to the list and show up each time you use ContactsDS.

Removing a contact:
Removing a contact is as simple as scrolling the cursor down (or up), next to the contact's name and pressing the L trigger.

Viewing contact information:
To view a contact's information, scroll the cursor til the cursor is next to the contact's name and press the A button. The contact's information will be displayed. To return to the list of contacts, press the B button.

You can exit the "Add Contact" mode by pressing the B button at anytime. (NOTE: there is a small bug when doing this after the contact's name is entered. This will be fixed soon)

Any reviews are welcome as well as ways inwhich the app could be improved. Thank you.



Lost Counter

4 8 15 16 23 42 Execute, cosa mai vorra dire questa stringa? Chi fra di voi guarda la serie televisiva LOST saprà di cosa parlo, questo Homebrew emula il celebre terminale della Stazione Cigno. Il progetto è ancora in lavorazionre ma promette bene! Se volete aiutare l'autore a continuare il suo lavoro vi lascio il link del forum PALIB:

Pang DS v1.0.2

Pang DS

Nuova release a distanza di pochissimo tempo per questo fantastico emulatore della serie Pang!

V1.0.2 : 12/10/2009
* Correction du chargement de l'état de l'émulateur (merci Conderock)

Giochi supportati:
Pang (World)
Pang (bootleg, set 1)
Pang (bootleg, set 2)
Buster Bros. (US)
Pomping World (Japan)
Super Pang (World 900914)
Super Pang (Japan 901023)
Super Buster Bros. (US 901001)


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ScummVM DS v1.0.0 BETA 3


Nuovo update per la beta dello Scumm DS, che vi ricordiamo essere un emulatore delle vecchie avventure punta e clicca.

• A mouse pad area underneath the on-screen keybaord allows you to move the mouse with the keyboard open.
• Using the laptop trackpad-style controls, moving the cursor to the edge of the screen now scrolls the view
• The usual round of bugfixes.

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venerdì 9 ottobre 2009

GORF v3 Final


Jess Ragan rilascia un update per G.O.R.F.

Non è stato rilasciato nessun changelog per questo update

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mercoledì 7 ottobre 2009

Pang DS 1.0.1

Pang DS

Cooper rilascia, a poche ore dall'ultima release, una nuova versione per pang ds (emulatore mame di pang).

V1.0.1 : 07/10/2009
* Correction de bugs (merci progds)

Giochi supportati:
Pang (World)
Pang (bootleg, set 1)
Pang (bootleg, set 2)
Buster Bros. (US)
Pomping World (Japan)
Super Pang (World 900914)
Super Pang (Japan 901023)
Super Buster Bros. (US 901001)

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