sabato 24 ottobre 2009

Woopsi v0.39


ant512 rilascia una nuova versione di Woopsi, una sorta di libreria scritta in palib che serve a facilitare lo sviluppo di os multi-tasking

- Fixes:
- Removed framebuffer-hitting code from DimmedScreen gadget and replaced with call to GraphicsPort::dim().
- ListBox removes itself from its ListData object when deleted.
- Keyboard example shows cursor.
- Moved DimmedScreen into woopsi folder as an official gadget.
- CycleButton::getPreferredDimensions() populates rect with correct values.
- Const fixed Gadget::getRefcon().
- Gadget::disable() and Gadget::enable() redraw the gadget by default.
- Fixed clipRectToHierarchy() bug introduced in switch to non-recursive function in last release.
- RadioButtonGroup redraws when resized.
- RadioButtonGroup returns correct dimensions from getPreferredDimensions().
- Updated copyright notice in defines.h.
- Bitmap::getPixel() works correctly for large bitmaps.
- Bitmap::drawBitmap() flushes mem correctly for DMA copy.
- Gadget::show() clears rect cache of sibling gadgets with a lower z-index to ensure that they do not draw over the top of the newly-shown gadget.
- A disabled gadget that overlaps another now intercepts clicks correctly, no longer allowing them to fall through to the gadget below.

- New Features:
- TextBox and MultiLineTextBox cursor moves when d-pad left/right are pressed and gadget has focus.
- Added tests folder:
- CycleButton test;
- RadioButtonGroup test.
- Added BinaryFile class to bonus folder.
- Added BitmapIO class to bonus folder - load/save BMP files using libfat.
- Added BitmapLoader example.
- Added SuperBitmap::drawBitmap() overload to handle Bitmap objects.

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