mercoledì 28 ottobre 2009

Manic Miner the Lost Levels DS v1.0

Manic Miner the Lost Level ds

Il team Headsoft rilascia la prima versione stabile di Manic Miner the Lost Levels, un remake del vecchio gioco Manic Miner su ZX Spectrum

Guida all'installazione:

We recommend the EFS version for most people. For people exeriencing problems with the EFS verison should try the FAT version. This game requires a dldi patch compatible card to play.

* EFS Version - Just copy the included ManicMinerLL.nds file to your backup card and play.
* FAT Version - Copy the MMLL folder included in the archive to the root of your sd card. Copy the ManicMinerLL.nds to anywhere on your card.
* DSTT Cards - There may be some problems with this card. We are not 100% sure why but this card doesn't seem to like .nds binaries that are larger than 2.7 MB. We may release a new version in the near future with all music loading from EFS/FAT to make a smaller and DSTT compatible binary. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Download versione EFS (consigliata)
Download versione FAT
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