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Liero DS 23-10-2009


Schmendrick rilascia una nuova versione del suo porting per ds di liero, liero ds

- Added dirt/rock texture
- Added map display
- Added ninjarope rope
- Banned some weapons by default (see Known Bugs)
- No more interlaced level drawing!
- You can now save and share your levels!
- Levels are saved in '/data/lierods/lierolevels/', unless you
made a folder called 'lierolevels' somewhere else, then they're
saved there
- Level editor doesn't crash anymore
- Fire to respawn changed to Jump to respawn
- Options are now saved; can be reset in Options menu
- File is 'liero.options' in root of flashcard

- Fixed ninja rope bug; now works long-range too
- Worm can no longer be hit while he is dead
- Fixed Map Change on Hit location bug

Current Features:
- Gameplay almost identical to the original
- All of the original weapons (see Known Bugs)
- Built-in level editor
- Simple AI opponents
- All original game modes (Kill 'em All, Game of Tag, CTF and Simple CTF)
- Map display

To-Do (in semi-particular order):
- Multiplayer support
- Allow custom weapon/object/special object-options, as well as custom graphics
- Add 'Floating Mine'-like glowing (red glowing pixels)
- Add level textures other than rock and dirt
- Names on bonuses
- Make AI 'smarter'
- Maybe different AI levels (Easy, Normal, Hard?)
- Sound
- Blood
- Laser view
- Flash effect and camera shake
- Fix ninjarope (enable length adjustment, disable Skywalker worms)
- Stats screen? (Display kills/lives/time/flags per worm)

Known Bugs:
- Greenball is dirt texture instead of green
- Big Nuke uses up all sprites, and quite possibly corrupts your game
- Bullet type weapons and 'bullet' splinters have an incorrect color
- Weapons that don't work correctly:
- Laser and controllable weapon types
- Fan

- Programmer: Schmendrick Schmuck
- Original Game & Graphics: Joosa Riekkinen:
- Special Thanks: PAlib community:

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