mercoledì 27 gennaio 2010

Agenda DS

janmulder ha rilasciato la prima versione di Agenda, che come si puo facilmente intuire trasforma il proprio DS in una agenda. L'homebrew è stato creato con DSGameMaker. Di seguito le parole dell'autore:
I don't know if it's finished, but I can't imagine anything to add. It's like the name says an agenda.
You can browse (correct english?) through 'your' agenda in the bottom screen.
To add a new activity press NEW and to delete the first one press DELETE.
in the top screen you see the activities in the right order (that's harder to program than you might think).
the first date will automatically disappear when it has been happened.
You can see the current time aswell. And also the time left until the next activity (it always thinks the month has got 31 days).
The dates are automatically saved to your FAT and they will load automatically too.
When the dates are being loaded it might be possible it has some bugs.
It works better in an emulator but then you can't save.The dates in the browsing part aren't correct.



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