sabato 3 luglio 2010

[DS] YarrgH!

Gillian Laidlaw ha rilasciato la prima versione del suo homebrew-game difendere una nave pirata uccidendo dei pirati tramite il touchscreen, inoltre alcuni gatti volanti colpiranno la nave nemica! Di seguito le parole dell'autore:
A game of fast action, involving hitting the falling air pirates with the stylus to score bounty points and protect your ship. The player’s allies, space cats, fly up through the pirate hordes and steal more bounty from the pirate’s airship. It was made at the Toronto Indie Game Developers Jam over the course of a weekend. It was my first ds game, done over a weekend with a comic artist Eric Kim.  While simple in concept, Yarrgh was perfect for a game jam as this simplicity made it easy to pick up and play.


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