sabato 3 luglio 2010

[WII] WiiXplorer r176

Dimok rilascia una nuova revisione del suo ottimo file-manager per Wii portandolo alla revisione n°171. I supporti compatibili sono le schede SD, le Pendrive USB, il protocollo SMB, i DVD e il WiiDisk. Changelog:

  • Added animated GIF support. There is still a bug with the alpha channel for some GIFs. The alpha channel of a background image is blending over. Also rotating some animated GIFs might cause wrong alignments. I was too lazy to do the math for it so it will come a bit later. Please don't make an issue about that. It's known.

  • Added code to show a second progressbar with totalsize and total progress. The code is not yet used because i don't have the artwork for it. (Waiting for NeoRame :))

  • Updated FreeTypeGX and optimized it for use with RGBA8

  • A lot of optimizations and bug fixes with text drawing, viewing and editing

  • Optimized the Wii/GC GameVideo playback. No more clipping sounds. The play is more smoother.

  • Optimized network transfers...faster now. Best speeds if you use Hermes rev 4 38 merged 37 of IOS202 for me. (up to 490KB/s download from the internet)

  • Replaced the DVD mount. No more freezing screen when mounting DVD. You get a ProgressWindow now.

  • Updated to the USB2 code of WiiMC again since it seems to make some drives work at all.

  • Several improvments and optimizations in the generall code

  • Updated language files.


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