mercoledì 4 agosto 2010

[DS] Super Extreme Smile v0.1 Alpha

LePatateInc rilascia un suo nuovo progetto: "Super Extreme Smile" in si controlla ruotando lo schermo uno smile soggetto alle normali leggi della fisica. Descrizione del gioco:
Last year, I've entered with You Have to Burn The Rope DS, which was a remake of a flash game. I've added a couple of new cool functions, like achievements and mods. I was done with PaLib. This year, I wanted something fresh with an original concept, and to use libnds directly. Here comes Super Extreme Smile.
In this game you are a Smile. A rolling smile... It cannot move, the only way to move it, is to use the touchscreen to ROTATE ALL THE WORLD AROUND IT. The smile is affected by gravity and thus, moving. Every time you rotate the screen, it keeps it's original velocity. Now the fun thing :
You can create your map, save them on the DS, load them again, and send them here, right in this post, so we can all play it ^^
The editor is easy to use. Each tiles are sampled on the top screen, and you can switch screen by pressed L or R. Then you can change tile, zoom, save, load or move around on the minimap. Here is some infos :

-Development started June 28th, I'm alone on this project. My little sister will probably compose music for me.
-There is currently 47 Tiles, there is enough place to put more, but I think it's OK for a Alpha Release. Each tiles should explain itself. If you don't understand it, try it !
-You can save with whatever name you want, 16 characters maximum. And you can always change it afterwards with Windows because loading doesn't care about your name
-Maps are 128x64 tiles. Yes, there is a lot of place
-Collisions should all work, be aware there are sometimes bugs with velocity too high. If something REALLY doesn't work, tell me. Else, try to think of another way (More space between ?)
-THIS IS AN ALPHA RELEASE, I PLAN ON ADDING A LOT OF THINGS LATER (as Music, Sounds, Campaign mode, options, and, yes, ACHIEVEMENTS).
-You can change language with Start while in editor. There is currently only French and English, if someone wants to translate in another language, I'll be pleased to send them the text and add them to the game.


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