lunedì 11 ottobre 2010

UniqueGeeks Offline Save File Type Converter v2 beta

UniqueGeeks aggiorna il suo "Offline Save File Type ConverterOffline Save File Type Converter", ovvero un applicazione che consente di convertire i salvataggi nei formati supportati dalle varie card.
Changelog della nuova versione:
Rewrote program to be more efficient, and hopefully faster; added new look; added new supported features for save formats: save formats are no longer limited to one or all sizes, a range is now supported. Example: the M3i Zero use a RAW 512KB save file, but some games need a 1MB save file. If you find any errors in suppoted save formats, please report them to GBA Save conversion comming soon, If you wish to speed the process of GBA Conversion, email your GBA Save files to

Per ora i tipi supportati sono:
Save File Formats
Action Replay DSi
Action Replay Media Edition
Acekard 2
Acekard RPG
EZ Flash V
RAW Format
M3 Simply
Supercard CF
Supercard DSONE
Supercard SD
Top Toy DS
M3 DS Real
G6 DS Real


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