venerdì 14 agosto 2009

DronS 1.6

n00bey ha rilasciato una nuova versione dell'Homebrew-Game chiamato DronS. Esso si tratta di un'action game contro 3 CPU. Ecco l'elenco delle feature:
- English, German, Czech, Spanish, Dutch and French laguage support
- Online-Multiplayer feature - Play against people all over the world
- Supports NeoFlash Rumble Pak
- Very customizable: You can set every color, speed, arena size, mirroring, acceleration, brakes ammount, maximal speed, rumble ....
- 3D-Gameplay:
-- It is possible to steer the camera
-- The "head" of the players are displayed as cars
-- Walls have some textures on it
-- The ground is mirroring everything
-- . . .
- The whole button-map is configurable
- Motion-Actions can also be mapped


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