venerdì 14 agosto 2009


ArrPirate ha rilasciato la prma versione di OMG WTF un'homebrew game simile a Tetris ma con delle varianti. Ecco l'elenco delle feature:

  • Left, Right, or Down: Moves the block

  • Start: While playing the game, this pauses the game and lets you quit the game at any time.


  • Traditional Game Mode: This is the tradition Tetris-like game mode. It's simple. Just try to survive as long as possible by clearing lines on the screen.

  • Clear Limit Mode: In this game mode you try to clear a certain amount of lines in as little time as possible.

  • Time Limit Mode: In this game mode you try to clear as many lines as you can in a certain amount of time.

  • Garbage Mode:In this game mode the play area is populated with 'garbage' pieces, red blocks that must be eliminated in order to make it to the next level.

  • Music: There are around 20 jazz hits from the 1920s, my favorite music genre and era.

  • High Score: The high score is saved between games, giving you a goal to continue playing.


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