sabato 27 marzo 2010

BananaCraze 2.0

ImageRuffsta ha rilasciato un simpatico homebrew-game del genere "puzzle" per DS! L'Homebrew è stato creato utilizzando DSGameMaker! Di seguito le parole dell'autore:

I would like to thank eldude, for without his help it would have taken me even longer to accomplish this task. I've always wanted to make games for some kind of system, but i was limited to making them for the PC only until now.
i would also like to thank james for making this software as it is possible now for me to code stuff to be played away from the PC. Further games will be created from their original PC versions as well as a new one i have never coded for the PC yet. Also to thank him for listing it on the game page on the main site.
my other future projects are: Shuttle Mania, Potion Frenzy and a HUGE new project - which i will keep to myself and eldude for the moment.


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