martedì 9 marzo 2010

Woopsi 0.4.6


ant512 ha rilasciato una nuova versione di Woopsi, libreria per ds che facilità la creazione di homebrew multi-finestra. Di seguito il changelog:
This is the first beta version. From this point forwards, future Woopsi development will centre around bug fixes and documentation. There are many features I could add to the library, but the feature set is complete for version 1.

At this point, what I really need is for people to try out Woopsi in some small projects and let me know what bugs they find and what apparently simply tasks they find difficult to accomplish with the library.

Any volunteers?

Changes in this release mainly involve the MultiLineTextBox. All alignment options now work, as does the cursor.

- MultiLineTextBox jumps to bottom of text correctly when required to do so.
- MultiLineTextBox extensively refactored.
- MultiLineTextBox top-aligns when text exceeds size of gadget.
- MultiLineTextBox alignment options all work.
- Removed ScrollingPanel::clipToClientRect().
- Made Woopsi::startup() pure virtual; no longer needs to be called as the first instruction in user override.
- Woopsi::startup() and Woopsi::shutdown() are protected, not public.
- Deleted helloworld_alternative example.
- Switched various string methods from using u32 to s32 types.

New Features:
- Cursor jumps to click point when MultiLineTextBox is clicked.
- D-pad up/down move cursor up/down in MultiLineTextBox.
- MultiLineTextBox shows keyboard when double-clicked.
- MultiLineTextBox scrolls to follow cursor when moved with the d-pad.
- TextBox and MultiLineTextBox keyboard popup can be enabled/disabled using enableKeyboardPopup() and disableKeyboardPopup().
- Built with devkitARM r28.
- Added TextBoxBase interface to ensure that all TextBox-style classes implement the same methods.
- Added SliderBase interface to ensure that all Slider-style classes implement the same methods.
- Added ListBoxBase interface to ensure that all ListBox-style classes implement the same methods.
- Progress bar optionally shows percentage completed.


2 commenti:

  1. "Non funziona" xD
    È una libreria, quindi è utile solo a chi vuole creare un homebrew.
    Se è il tuo caso, nell'archivio dovrebbe esserci un readme.txt o un lib.txt dove sono spiegate le varie funzioni, altrimenti è assolutamente inutile