lunedì 15 marzo 2010

DSx86 v0.06


Patrick Aalto aggiorna DSx86, che permette di emulare alcune vecchie glorie per dos sul DS.
This version mostly improves the EGA support, but it also has the following changes:
- New keyboard graphics by L.D. Ash from
- The meaning of the debugger "G" and the NDS "B" button has been
swapped. Thus, you get the keyboard back after going to the
debugger with the B button, and touching G and V stays in the
debugger screen.
- Shoulder L and R buttons scroll the zoomed screen horizontally,
unless they are mapped to PC keys in the INI file.
- New "HDD led" on the bottom screen, so you can see when
the game accesses the SD card.
- The unknown INT10 call in Prince of Persia is now ignored.
- Several TEXT mode opcodes have been added, based on the debug logs.
This version has no improvements to the unsupported INT calls.
I plan to work on those for the next version.

Le istruzioni per usarlo:
Scaricate il file .nds
- Scaricate tutti questi file: (è indispensabile il file, gli altri potete metterli per usare tutte le funzioni di 4dos)
- inserite questi file nella cartella /data/dsx86/4dos/ (va creata)
- scaricate questo file:
- mettetelo nella cartella /data/dsx86/ (va creata)
- ora avviatelo, dirigetevi nella cartella contenente i giochi con il comando cd e avviate un gioco digitandone il nome

e infine i giochi supportati:
- LineWars II
- Paratrooper
- Wing Commander II
- Solar Winds
- Leisure Suit Larry 3
- Tiny Editor 1.7
- Space Quest 4
- Galactic Battle
- Duke Nukem 2
- Duke Nukem 1
- Elite
- Sopwith 1
- Commander Keen 4
- Leaderboard Golf
- Swap


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