mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

[DS] Woopsi v0.99.6

Ant512 ha rilasciato una nuova versione di Woopsi che giunge alla versione 0.99.6. Woopsi è una libreria di interfaccie grafiche per la creazione di homebrew. Changelog:
- Fixed scrolling problem in top screen.
- Gadget::changeDimensions() no longer leaves gadgets accidentally hidden.
- Division by 0 fixed in Range class when max value == min value.
- Document::stripTopLines() no longer wraps text twice.
- WoopsiString::getCharAt() returns NULL if index is out of valid range.
- Removed "Loading" message from FileListBox.
- Fix to ScrollingListBox scrollbar grip size.
- Support for 1 or 2 of physical displays (helps with SDL ports to other platforms).
- Compiler warning fixes.
- MultiLineTextBox scrolls to follow cursor when text is inserted.
- WoopsiString::encodeCodePoint() numBytes parameter is optional.
- WoopsiString::getCodePoint() numChars parameter is optional.
- WoopsiString::getCodePoint() returns the correct number of chars if the codepoint is invalid.
- Fixed clipping bug in PackedFont1::renderChar() (Lakedaemon).
- Fixed clipping bug in PackedFont16::renderChar() (Lakedaemon).
- TextBox::getPreferredDimensions() allows space for the cursor if visible.
- Fixed null pointer dereference in WoopsiString::getCodePoint.

New Features:
- Added Debug::flipToTopScreen().
- Added Debug::flipToBottomScreen().
- Added Debug::flipScreens().
- Added Debug::raiseToTop().
- Added Debug::lowerToBottom().
- Added Debug::wvsnprintf().
- Built with devKitARM r32/libnds 1.4.8 (manually patched line 661 of nds/arm9/videoGL.h to fix warnings; see


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