mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

[WII] Genesis Plus GX v1.4.0

Eke-Eke ha aggiornato il suo emulatore del Sega Mega Drive per Wii. Il download lo trovate cliccando qui sotto :)

* completely rewrote sound processing/mixing: sound chips are now clocked with
exact output framerate
to ensure 100% smooth video & audio playback, with no lag or skipping, while
rendering an accurate number
of samples per frame and keeping PSG & FM chips in sync.
* improved PSG & FM chips synchronization with CPU execution (fixed point
* improved YM2612 core general accuracy (SSG-EG, CSM mode,...) (based upon
Nemesis recent tests on real hardware)
* improved YM2612 LFO emulation accuracy: fixes "Spider-Man & Venom : Separation
Anxiety" (intro)
* fixed YM2612 bug with Timer B: fixes "Langrisser Hikari II"/"Der Langrisser
II" (Sega logo)
* fixed YM2612 context saving/loading.
* fixed YM2612 state on reset.
* removed outdated & less accurate Gens YM2612 core
* added configurable YM2612 DAC resolution emulation.
* added configurable & faster FIR resampler (thanks to Blargg & AamirM), removed
libsamplerate support.
* added configurable Low-Pass filtering
* added configurable 3-Band Equalizer (thanks to Neil C).
* added an option to boost SN76489 Noise Channel.
* adjusted SN76489 cut-off frequency.
* implemented Blargg's blip buffer in SN76489 core (all channels are now lineary

* added support for CRAM writes during horizontal blanking (Striker, Zero the
Kamikaze Squirrel,...)
* added support for 2-Cell vertical scrolling in Interlaced 2 mode
* added support for some undocumented mode register bits
* added proper emulation of HV Counter latch: fixes Sunset Riders intro
* added pixel-accurate emulation of mid-line display on/off (Nigel Mansell World
Championship PAL, Ren & Stimpy's Invention PAL,...)
* improved 2-cell vscroll emulation accuracy, as verified on real hardware
(Gynoug, Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel, Formula One, Kawasaki Superbike
* improved FIFO timings accuracy: fixes Sol Deace intro
* improved sprite masking accuracy (thanks to Nemesis for his test program)
* improved sprites processing accuracy: fixes (un)masked sprites in Mickey Mania
(3D level), Sonic 2 (VS mode).
* improved HBLANK flag timing accuracy: fixes Mega Turrican (Sky level)
* improved horizontal blanking & HINT/VINT occurence timing accuracy, as
measured on real hardware.
* improved HCounter accuracy in 40-cell mode, as measured on real hardware.
* improved color accuracy in VDP highlight mode to match results observed on
real hardware

* updated Z80 core to last version (fixes interrupt Mode 0 timing and some BIT
* fixed some Z80 instructions timing.
* fixed state of Z80 registers on reset (sound issues with Defender & Defender 2
in Williams Arcade Classics)
* improved Z80 interrupt accuracy
* improved 68k accuracy (initial Reset timing + auto-vectored interrupts
* improved 68k timing accuracy for DIVU/DVIS (thanks to Jorge Cwik) & MULU/MULS
* implemented 68k undocumented flags behavior for DIVU/DIVS instructions
(Bloodshot / Battle Frenzy)
* improved Z80 & 68k cpu execution/synchronization accuracy by using Master
Clock as common reference (now run exactly 3420 M-Cycles per line).
* modified Z80 & 68k cores to directly use external cycle count instead of
intermediate counters.

* added Game Genie hardware emulation.
* added Action Replay & Pro Action Replay hardware emulation (only preliminary
Pro Action Replay 2 support).
* added Sonic & Knuckles "Lock-On" support.
* added Cartridge "Hot Swap" feature.
* added missing EEPROM support in more games.
* added VDP lock-out emulation (TMSS).
* improved emulation of copy-protection hardware found in some unlicensed
cartridges (Mulan, Pocket Monsters II).
* fixed Realtec mapper emulation: fixes missing sound in Balloon Boy / Funny
* fixed lightgun auto-detection: fixes default cursor position in Lethal
Enforcers II.
* enabled simultaneous use of multitap & J-CART (Super Skidmarks 6-player mode)
* lots of code cleanup, bugfixes & optimization.

* implemented custom FONT engine (uses internal IPL font & GX hardware
* implemented custom GUI engine (uses GX hardware rendering & multithreading)
* implemented advanced menu interface (IR pointing, game snapshots, cheats &
saves manager, visual & sound effects, BGM support, etc).
* improved audio/video synchronization to ensure 100% smooth video & audio
* improved soft-reset button support, now works more like real Mega Drive /
Genesis (model 1) reset button.
* improved lightgun cursors layout.
* added automatic ROM loading feature (last played game launches immediately
when starting the emulator)
* added PAR codes and .pat files support
* fixed lot of stability issues and potential memory leaks.

[Wii specific]
* added Video Hardware "Gamma" control
* added Video Hardware "Trap Filter" control
* improved Mouse emulation through Wii remote
* compiled with devkitPPC r22 & libOGC 1.8.5 (includes SDHC & USB2 support
through IOS58, removes DVDX support)


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