giovedì 11 novembre 2010


BassAceGold ha rilasciato una versione modificata dell'NDSSFC, l'emulatore SNES ufficiale del team supercard. In questa nuova versione sono stati fatti alcuni fix, introdotta la 5 velocità per la cpu (leggermente più veloce della quarta), introdotta la mode 4 (in alcuni giochi viene migliorato il rendering), migliorato l'audio e alcune altre piccole migliorie.
Changelog v3:
-Adopted new release naming scheme and now has its own folder
-Improved audio a little bit
-Audio is now automatically enabled when launching a new rom
-Fixed audio disabling when exiting emu menu
-Improved menu stability (no crashing when switching cpu speeds, launching roms, or from disabling/ enabling audio)
-Fixed display mode 4, it now works like Display Mode 0, but different lines are chopped out so text in some games may be more readable or not.

Changelog v2:
-Increased max roms per folder to 512 from 256
-Game settings now save when you exit the menu back into the game rather than exiting the emulator
-Sram now saves in game automatically, no need to exit the emulator anymore
-Added Display Mode 4. This scales the resolution to fit entirely on the DS in the correct ratio. It isn't pretty (horrible for text) and it is slower than the other rendering methods, but it has been asked for and this is really the best that is possible.

Changelog v1
-Added the ability to disable or enable audio
-Added cpu speed 5 which is only slightly faster than cpu speed 4, but its there for people who may think it'll help
-attempted to reduce freezing of entering the emulator menu from in game (haven't tested to see if it works)

Download v3 (ultima versione)
BassAceGold ha anche annunciato che questa versione non sarà più supportata in futuro, e che quindi la v3 sarà l'ultima versione.

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