venerdì 14 maggio 2010

CycloDS Evolution BETA Firmware vB.2


Nuovo aggiornamento per la gui beta della CycloDS! In questa versione, oltre hai consueti fix, è stato inserito il supporto ai save da 32mb e altre modifiche alla gui.
* Save sizes up to 32MB can now be specified individually per game
* Pop-up menu is now accessible from the main menu by pressing Y while a bookmark is selected. This facilitates operations on the selected bookmark without first locating it in the game list
* Added option to display last executed file in the bookmark list. Toggle option from the settings menu
* Its now possible to customise the button combination to launch the last executed file, though the settings menu
* Added the old cheat enable prompt as an option for those who prefer the old method of enabling cheat codes
* Menu button is more responsive via touch screen
* Revised the game list view modes - now there are simply 3 modes: ROM, file and recent. Big/small icons can be selected via the settings menu
* Fixed functionality
* Fixed cheat code clear all
* Various small GUI bugs fixed
* Game compatibility fixes (4856, 4868, 4883)

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