lunedì 31 maggio 2010

[WII] Wiiflow 1.1 Rev43

Hibernatus ha aggiornato il suo loader di backup per Wii che riprende la grafica dell'interfaccia grafica "Cover Flow" creata da Apple! Changelog:
- Fixed bug Covers (finally)!
- Adding unnecessary features video (created by Dimok, btw)
- Added a patch for Prince of Persia (you must still put options disable_dvd_patch = yes and 0 = Returnto wiiflow.ini file, under [GAMEID])
- Fix patches WIP (Dimok)
- Install now install all the partitions (as it was before)
- Added patch Giantpune to return to a chain (in addition Returnto = wiiflow.ini in [GENERAL])
- Added initial support for fanart (by Miigotu). Only background images are supported for now, put in your file fanart / background. Wiiflow puts / background after the variable in dir_fanart wiiflow.ini. Do not / background here!)
- Added id's Game 4 characters in URL's to download
- Disable the installation on NTFS drives
- Fixed installation of games on players WBFS
- Change files to use and fs usbstorage those of CFG Loader USB
- Fixed minor bug with the reload of the IOS and NTFS partitions / WBFS
- Turn on the output of the debug info Cios 249 with gecko
- Small change in the Italian language



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