sabato 29 maggio 2010

DSOperators v0.2

WolfSpiders ha aggiornato il suo pseudo-os per DS, DSOperators che giunge così alla versione 0.2. Changelog:

Version: 0.2
-Upgraded Start Menu And Buttons
-Upgraded App/Games Icons
-Upgraded The Black Background To Make It Look Better
-Fixed Graphic Bug That Appears On The Top Left Corner Of The Start Menu
-Fixed Button Bug
-Re-arranged Date Numbers So You Can See The Other Half Of The Year Number
-Added More Physics To DSPong
-Added DSPong Serving
-Upgraded DSPong Graphics
-Fixed DSPong Bug that The Ball Gets Stuck Behind A Paddle
-Added Wifi Test To DSInfo
-Added Stopwatch
-Added Settings
-Added AM/PM Clock To Settings
-Added Screen Brightness To Settings


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