domenica 23 maggio 2010

DSx86 v0.13 Beta

Patrick Aalto ha rilasciato una nuova versione beta per DSx86, emulatore DOS per DS. Changelog:
DSx86 v0.13 Beta Release Notes

This version has some user interface changes, in addition to the usual
bug fixes and support for some previously missing opcodes and INTs.

- Improved touchpad mouse (TPM) emulation, with new configuration options:
- TPMScroll is a boolean that determines whether the screen should
be scrolled when the stylus moves near the screen border in
Zoom mode.
- TPMTap is a boolean that determines whether tapping the screen
with the stylus is registered as a left mouse click.
- TPMLeft determines the DS button to use for the left mouse button.
- TPMRight determines the DS button to use for the right mouse button.
The defaults if DSx86.ini does not have any of those set are as follows:

- New internal commands on the DOS prompt:
- VER with a parameter sets the DOS version number reported.
- SETVER works like VER.
- LOADFIX attempts to load the program above the first 64KB of RAM.
This might help with the "Packed data corrupt" problems.
- DEBUG starts the program into the inbuilt debugger.

- The scrolling the Zoom modes is now smoother than before.



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