domenica 11 aprile 2010

DSx86 v0.10


Nuovo mega-update per DSx86, che finalmente giunge in fase beta!
VGA Mode-X support (Wolfenstein 3D, Fox Ranger). DSx86 now supports all 320-pixel wide Mode-X (and Mode-Y) variations (320x200, 320x240, 320x400, 320x480). In the modes with 400 or more lines the screen is prescaled vertically to 200 or 240 lines, even in ZOOM mode. This is to keep the aspect ratio sensible. If this scaling makes small fonts hard to read, try using screen update mode "Direct", as that will alternate between odd and even rows to display (a sort of jittering effect).
Mouse support (MJLAPTOP, etc.). You can select whether the D-Pad emulates cursor keys or mouse by toggling the "Mouse"/"Keybd" text on the touchpad. A/B buttons emulate the mouse buttons when in mouse mode.
CGA 640x200 monochrome mode support added (MJLAPTOP).
Key Repeat support (4DOS, etc.). Now when you keep the button (real or virtual) down, it will repeat, like in a real PC keyboard. This is the one change that I am most worried might have broken something.
Bug in "mov reg16,[BP+SI]" and "mov reg16,[BP+DI]" opcodes fixed (WIN).
Bug in "Interrupt Enabled" flag setting after returning from INT2F fixed (Wolfenstein 3D).
Bug in moving data within the EGA VRAM fixed.
Fixed the Brown color in the default EGA palette (KEEN4).
New game-specific "jpe" opcode hack added (CALGAMES).
New game-specific "jpo" opcode hack added (TOUTRUN).
Added "insb" opcode handling (OPENING).
Added all "imul r16, r16, imm16" opcodes (NCMAIN).
Added "imul r16, [di+disp16], imm8" opcodes (UNP2).
Added "imul r16, [idx+disp8], imm16" opcodes (STARTREK).
Added support for input from port 3C2 (FD).
Added support for input from port 3CC (RAIDEN).
Added support for input from port 3D9 (Crazy Cars).
Support for moving data from EGA VRAM to RAM added (REVENGE, BL, RAMPAGE).
EGA opcode "and es:[di],ax" added (BARD, DK).
EGA opcode "mov byte es:[disp16],imm8" added (KEEN1).
EGA opcode "mov es:[si],ax" added (G).
EGA opcode "and ax,es:[di+disp8]" added (SR).
MCGA Direct mode opcode "mov es:[di],bh" added (CREEPERS).
MCGA Direct mode opcode "mov es:[bx],al" added (MW).
Opcode "aad" handling added (JS3).
Added handling for opcode "repe scasw" when direction=down (STAROPEN, SS, PAL).
Opcode "sar word [bp+disp8],imm8" handling added (RUNVGA).
Added support for teletype text output in EGA mode (ULTIMA).
Added support for teletype text output in MCGA mode (EAGLE).
Added support for "GET ALL PALETTE REGS (VGA)" BIOS call (BASH1).
Added support for "WRITE STRING" BIOS call (RICK2, !STUNTS).
Added support for DOS text output in EGA mode (SIMCITY, SKWEEK).

Le istruzioni per usarlo:
- Scaricate il file .nds
- Scaricate tutti questi file: http:// (è indispensabile il file, gli altri potete metterli per usare tutte le funzioni di 4dos)
- inserite questi file nella cartella /data/dsx86/4dos/ (va creata)
- scaricate questo file:
- mettetelo nella cartella /data/dsx86/ (va creata)
- ora avviatelo, dirigetevi nella cartella contenente i giochi con il comando cd e avviate un gioco digitandone il nome

e infine i giochi supportati:
- LineWars II
- Paratrooper
- Wing Commander II
- Solar Winds
- Leisure Suit Larry 3
- Tiny Editor 1.7
- Space Quest 4
- Galactic Battle
- Duke Nukem 2
- Duke Nukem 1
- Elite
- Sopwith 1
- Commander Keen 4
- Leaderboard Golf
- Swap
- Ultima 3
- Norton Sysinfo
- Avoid the Noid
- Moraff’s World
- Wolfenstein 3D

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