giovedì 29 aprile 2010

Lost Marbles 0.2

Lost Marbles

Sych ha aggiornato Lost Marbles portandolo alla versione 0.2, esso è un homebrew-game basato sul vecchio “Loose Your Marbles” per PC. Changelog:

V.0.2 - 28/4/2010

- Improved graphics (that's a lot of work! Smiley)
- Improved playability
- The game now features a pretty decent AI (including Ultra Hard level!)
- Selectable timer
- "Pause" feature : pressing START when playing
- Features Bonus Ball : for each line of the bonus ball, adds 1 to the counter! Unleash the bonus ball by making a line of 5 balls and the opponent will take the amount of balls unleashed.


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