sabato 17 aprile 2010

NitroGrafx v0.4

Flubba ha aggiornatoe NitroGrafx che giunge alla versione 0.4, esso è un emulatore PC-Engine/TurboGrafx16 per il DS! Changelog:

Fixed a bug that affected Blazing Lazers and timing of ADPCM which affected Sapphire.

*Fixed CPU cycles per scanline (455, confirmed on hardware).
*Fixed timing of scroll register writes.
*Fixed Sprite DMA IRQ handling.
*Fixed savestates a bit (should be compatible between versions now).
*Fixed scaling after loading savestate.
*Fixed caching of Bios.
*Better timing of ADPCM playing (still no sound though).
*Debug output now optional, also more info is written.


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