domenica 11 aprile 2010



Christophe Andreani ha rilasciato la prima versione di PYIN-PYANG, un simpatico clone di Ping-Pong da giocare in 2 sullo stesso DS.
Le parole dell'autore:
PYIN-PYANG is a Yin-Yang Pong for the Nintendo DS. It's a two player game only (no "player-vs-computer" mode) and it does not use Wifi. The two players play on the same DS. Player one (white) use the left pad to control the racket, player two (black) use the A, B, X and Y keys. This game may be fun when you have only one DS for two players and you want to play together. The rules are tennis table rules and are explained into the "Help" section of the homebrew.

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