lunedì 21 giugno 2010

[DS] DSx86 v0.15 Beta


Patrick Aalto ha rilasciato una nuova versione beta per DSx86, emulatore DOS per DS. Changelog:

This version has the following major changes:

  • No more need for the LOADFIX command! See the previous blog post for more info about how I changed the code to enable this, if you are interested.

  • EGA horizontal smooth scrolling fixed. The horizontal scrolling was very jittery in games like SupaplexHeimdall and Crystal Caves, for example. Again more info in my previous blog post.

  • The BIOS window scrolling functions (up/down) are now implemented for each supported graphics mode and for both directions.

  • Removed the check for running zeroed data, as this prevented the Great Escape game from starting. Now you won't get an Unsupported Opcode error in this situation, the game will probably just hang.

  • Fixed a bug in MOV SP,SReg opcode. For example a game called Berlin 1948 used SP as a loop index with SS as the initial value, and the buggy opcode caused SP to get zeroed, which in turn caused the game to fill the entire screen when it only wanted to write a few pixels.

  • Various game-specific fixes, as mentioned in my previous blog post.

  • All the missing opcodes (that weren't caused by the game executing data) in the debug logs I have received have been implemented. So quite a few games should now progress further than before.


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