giovedì 24 giugno 2010

[DS] SudokuBook

oldowl ha rilasciato la prima versione del suo Sudoku per DS! In questo homebrew-game sono disponibili 68 livelli con la quale potrete giocare! Di seguito le parole dell'autore:
I made this game for my own use.But perhaps some people like to play sudoku anywhere too.
It is a collection of 68 puzzles to solve by my playing way: no help, no rubber, when you poke a number you must be sure of it, however you are allowed to make 4 mistakes.The best is to never unlit any star.
When you win, the following puzzle is loaded.The current puzzle number is written on the bottom left corner of the upper screen.It is saved when you stop your DS.
When you lose, you must replay the current puzzle from the start.So it is if you stop your DS during a not ended game.
In the lost situation (thumb down) a hidden command with pad Right-Left can change current puzzle, usualy not to be used!
Hope you'll like it.


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