martedì 1 giugno 2010

[WII] WiiXplorer r165

Dimok dopo poco tempo dall'ultima release aggiorna WiiXplorer portandolo alla rev 166. Questo homebrew è un potente file-manager per Wii che supporta le schede SD, le Pendrive USB, il protocollo SMB, i DVD e il WiiDisk. Di seguito il changelog:

  • Language files update

  • Fixed Positions of Buttons and List on MusicPlayer

  • Added SlideOut from behind Effect for the PlayList in the MusicPlayer

  • Added Scrollbar to MusicPlayer

  • Fixed bug when selecting multiple files with Tooltips

  • Added a Trashcan on the ImageViewer which can delete current viewed file.

  • Added Fade out/in on changing Images/PDF sites while Slideshow is active

  • Maybe some more stuff i forgot


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