giovedì 10 giugno 2010

[DS] EZVi Kernel 3.0 OpenBeta + EZ5i firmware v101

Il Team EZFlash ha rilasciato un nuovo kernel e un nuovo firmware per EZVi. Il Kernel ha ricevuto alcuni fix. Mentre l'update del Firmware porta finalmente il supporto completo al DSi XL e alcuni fix interni.

Changelog Firmware:
1.New unified EZ5i firmware- 705 and 805 hardware revisions now use one firmware. EZ5i users will need to update to this to use 3.0 properly.
2.Fixed problems with DSi XL on all versions
3.Emulated ROM reads under 0x8000 at firmware level "0x8000 inhibitor"- a common flash cart detection method now blocked.
4.EZTeam member Feng rewrote DLDI to v3 and general write crc calculations now performed on card FPGA rather than on the DS CPU- massive speedup resulting on all writing related activities.
5.Improved handling of certain microSD(HC) models- issues with memory made in Taiwan should be sorted

Changelog Kernel:
1.Added "special mode" that disables ARM9 patching- combined with the under 0x8000 read emulation most present and possibly future AP methods will be blocked. This does disable extra functions so patches will still be necessary.
2.Special mode speed setting- highest speed 0, lowest 10. Allows users with slower memory to set a speed.
3.Rewrite to accommodate new firmware- old kernels will not work any more
4.Added multi-splash screen and splash screen animation capability
5.EZ5i now uses ez5isys.bin replacing ez5sys.bin (which will be kept/updated for older models)

DOWNLOAD (Il download del Firmware Updater è illegale perchè contiene una parte di Codice proprietario, noi non ci assumiamo nessuna responsabilità)

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