lunedì 21 dicembre 2009

The Detective DS 1.0

The Detective DS

The Detective DS è il remake del gioco "The Detective" per C64 di Sam Monthorpe
La storia:
London, 1974. You are a famous Scotland Yard Detective who must solve the murder of the rich aristocrat Angus McFungus, who’s body has been discovered at his home at 427 Park Lane. Arriving at the residence you soon discover that this will not be a simple ‘open and shut’ case, and will take all your finely honed detective skills to solve. Can you put your finger on the killer?

This is a remake of the 1986 C64 game by Sam Monthorpe for the Nintendo DS. Charcters were created by Paul Jay and the plot was cunningly devised by the Magnificent Seven.

Trovate la guida per installarlo e molto altro sul sito ufficiale del gioco.

Download (EFS Version)
Download (FAT Version)
Sito ufficiale

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